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[Cover of Making Windows Easy series of books]

Don't be left behind! Windows 10 has been installed on more than 75 Million PCs in less than a month! To help you make the transition, 22 Point are very proud to present the "Making Windows 10 Easy" series of books!

With three books available now, designed for users of tablets, laptops & desktop PCs, the best option for you is easy:

Making Windows 10 Easy to See

[Cover of Making Windows 10 Easy to See]

Buy direct from 22 Point in ePub format for the discounted price of just $20 $AUD:

The first book designed to help you not only get the most out of Windows 10, but also to help you set it up so you don't need to squint, "Making Windows 10 Easy to See" is our flagship book, containing all the concepts from the other books, with more keyboard shortcuts, more tips and tricks on using speech or magnification, and exclusive content around accessibility and Ease Of Access features as well as additional exercises and activities.

Covering topics including:
- Turning on for the first time,
- Using larger fonts and magnifier,
- Getting around Windows,
- Common apps and tasks,
- All in easy to understand language.

Making Unboxing Windows 10 Easy

[Cover of Making Unboxing Windows 10 Easy]

Not sure what device to buy or how to set up your work area? Is Windows 10 really the best operating system? Is upgrading from a previous version hard? All these and more are answered in "Making Unboxing Windows 10 Easy! Designed to help you choose what to do, get Windows 10 installed and your work station setup

Covering topics including:
- Choosing a device, - Installing Windows®, - Setting up your desk and chair, - Quick and easy exercises All in easy to understand language.

Making Windows 10 Easy

[Cover of Making Windows 10 Easy]

Following on from "Making Unboxing Windows 10 Easy", "Making Windows 10 Easy" is the ideal guide to getting up and running with the latest version of Microsoft's most popular operating system. Designed for users who don't need magnification or speech (if you do, please see "Making Windows 10 Easy to See" above), it nevertheless includes both mouse, touch and keystroke commands to help you get going quickly and become more efficient, than many other guides available.

Covering topics including:
- Turning on and logging in,
- Getting around Windows,
- Using common apps and tasks,
- Editing and multitasking,
- All in easy to understand language.

More information available from our Publications page.

Windows cursors

While you're reading Making Windows 10 Easy to See, why not invest in another way of making Windows easy to see - 22 Point's Windows Cursors are the largest, most accessible, easiest to see cursors on the market, and have received rave reviews from users.

[Image of demo cursor]

Our cursors work with any version of Windows, including Windows 10, and we are able to customise cursors to your specific needs and requirements!

App Development

We're a small independent app developer located in Gippsland, Victoria, Australia. We also provide support and training to clients in the local area. Our first app RapiTap! is currently taking the world by storm, it's the ultimate casual, fast paced, heart racing, reaction based, accessible game! There's plenty more in store so subscribe to our newsletter to stay informed!

Not only is it a fast paced, heart racing pick me up for the average user, but it's accessibility has made it a huge hit among vision impaired users wanting apps which are easy to see, blind users wanting something which works with Talkback and those with other needs who want something which will work at their pace!

Support and training

Do you live in Gippsland? We provide a locally based Training and support service! specialising in windows accessibility, iphone and android accessibility and solutions for those with diverse needs, particularly the elderly or those who find standard print too small.


Did we mention RapiTap!? Ok we did, but we are so proud and excited about it, it's worth mentioning again! - Tap targets fast & avoid decoys: Adrenaline pumping, Challenging, Accessible!

The perfect short, fast-paced, heart racing game!

Tap the yellow circles as fast as you can, but avoid the red crosses. Sound easy? The concept might be, but see if you think so by the time you get to "Impossible!" mode.

[Image of RapiTap! default setup]

Find out more including more screenshots on our RapiTap! page, or head straight over to Google Play to get in on the action:

Get it on Google Play

Note: Windows® is a registered trademark of Microsoft Corporation. The "Making Windows Easy" series of publications by 22 Point are independent publications and are not affiliated with, nor have they been authorised, sponsored or otherwise approved by Microsoft Corporation. back to top
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